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Professional Services Provider 

W & H Enterprises

What we practice..!

We provide best Accurate Current Market Value of Assets with FSV. We offer both type of stock inspections Hypothecated & Pledged with photographical evidence.

About us!

Professional Services Provider 

We offer best professional Assets Valuation & Stocks/Commodities Inspection Services

We also offer reliable Muccadamage & Supervision services.

We are conscientious Pledge / Collateral Management (Muccadamage) Services provider. We keep you update on daily bases regarding the progress of your customs clearing forwarding process.

We are skilled & expert services provider professionals within the diversified fields of business i. e. Assets/Commodities valuation (Approved/Enlisted with Pakistan Banking Associations (PBA) on their all three panels, Hypothecated/Pledge Stock Inspection, Pledge/Collateral Management services (Commonly known as Muccadamage), Supervision of Customs Clearing Forwarding Agents The management has successfully & efficiently rendered the above cited services to Pakistan’s Banking Industry from the other umbrellas.


We are offering our best professional services to Banking Industry & Financial Institutes under one umbrella. We determined to expend ourselves swiftly by opening regional offices nationwide including in the all areas of Balouchistan & Khaiber-Pukhtun-Kha. Our experts are on standby mode, we can open our branches anywhere in the country even in remote areas within a short time (depend on allocation of business). 

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